1) A Well Tailored Suit

A tailored anything is the simplest way to look more attractive. Gentlemen, keep in mind that a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

2)    Bow Tie

The easiest way to complete an outfit is with a tie, however, a bow tie gives a classy and sophisticated look that shows people you care about the way you look. Simply put, every gentleman should own a bow tie.

3)    Top Shelf Bottle of Whiskey and/or Scotch

Great for spontaneous celebrations or a special occasion, it’s imperative that every self-respecting gentleman has in stock a fine bottle of whiskey or scotch; maybe even both. Drink them neat, and if you must need a chill, invest in a great set of whiskey stones.

4)    Valid Passport

You never know where a weekend getaway or business trip will take you, so it’s best your prepared. Plus, great memories always conquer tangible experiences.

5)    Card Holder/Slim Leather Wallet

Throw away the Velcro wallet and substitute for a thinner and sleek leather wallet or cardholder. Keep it simple, for just the necessities, and easy to slide into your suit pocket. 

6)    Cologne

Every lady loves a gentleman that smells good. So, find a scent that you like and build off that. You want to have a few different fragrances to choose from every day. An average size bottle of cologne (3.4oz) should last about a year, so remember to spray sparingly and not bathe in it.

7)    Shoe Shine/Polish

Give special attention to your shoes the same way you do for your clothes, car, house and anything else you care for lasting the long run. It’s important to feel your investment in a pair of decent dress shoes was worth the dollars spent. Carry a set of shoeshine wipes for when you’re travelling or on the go. They’re easy to use and easy to carry.

8)    A Stylish Pair of Sunglasses

Nothing screams than a nice pair of face fitting shades. The easiest and most common style is a pair of aviators or wayfarer glasses; they go with every occasion and last through all seasons. Take your time though, because finding a frame that compliments your face structure can be challenging.

9)    A Knit Tie

The great thing about a Knit tie is that it can be dressed up or dressed down and, with the winter months approaching; this is the perfect tie for the season.

10) A Quality Timepiece

 The Grandfather of all essentials, a quality timepiece is more than just another avenue for sense of time. A quality timepiece is the perfect accessory for all occasions, a conversation piece, a status mark, an investment and something to be passed down to through generations. The mechanics behind a quality timepiece are extremely intricate, with hundreds of pieces meticulously assembled for a timeless experience.