It’s often argued whether the pocket square and tie should match. The truth is, there is no steadfast rule on whether your tie and pocket square should match. In fact, they shouldn’t. They should simply compliment your shirt and/or tie. Matching your pocket square to your tie is a simple, and somewhat lazy, approach to fashion.

For as much that is seen in the pocket square within your outfit, here are 10 Pocket Square Commandments we’ve come across that we think every gentleman should abide by.

The 10 Pocket Square Commandments

1. When it comes to your pocket square, handkerchief, or whatever you may call it, the number one rule is…. You never match patterns with your pocket square to your tie.  It is to simply compliment your tie, or your shirt, and the rest of your outfit.

2. Never match one patterned tie to the exact patterned square. Patterned combos look great only when the patterns are different in size and give out a bold look. For example, a tie with thick stripes will look great with a square with thin stripes or stripes with polka dots.

3. It doesn’t matter if your splurging on a cashmere pocket square, picked one up from a thrift store or folded up your silk scarf, the visual aspect is the same and you still look good.

4. Try wearing a square that compliments a color in your shirt or tie. Neutral colors match with anything.

5. Choose a pocket square to compliment the rest of the outfit, not necessarily meaning choosing complimentary colors. Most of all, it’s important never to choose a square that is identical to the tie – it looks cheap!

6. Although it is safe to go with the plain white classic look, bring out the texture, colors and patterns in the pocket square.

7. You don’t always have to wear a pocket square with a tie, especially for casual occasions. Any pocket square will compliment a white button up.

8. Folding a pocket square can be time consuming. Take your time playing around with the way it looks; practice makes perfect.

9. If there was a fire and you could choose one pocket square, make it chambray. It goes with everything.

10. Lastly, don’t overthink the use of a pocket square. If it looks good and feels good, then roll with it. 

These are the simple yet practical rules to adding a pocket square to your style. Be confident in the way it looks and don't think twice about it. Creativity goes a long way so remember to have fun with your pocket square.